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Vermont Association of Yoga Therapists


To educate about and increase access to yoga therapy in Vermont.

What is yoga therapy?

Although all yoga is potentially therapeutic and healing, yoga therapy is the intentional application of yogic philosophy and tools, psychology, and neuroscience, to address an individual's mental health and emotional well-being.  


Many people first learn about yoga through its physical practices, but a common misconception is that the discipline is all about stretching or movement.  In fact, yoga therapy can help people who can't move at all, as well as active individuals!  

The yogic model of health is unique because it addresses every aspect of life rather than considering each body part or system separately, it offers tools that touch on the whole spectrum of human experience.

A person connecting to self through yoga therapy.
A person feeling peace and joy because she is thriving in her life.

How does yoga therapy work?


Although yoga has been practiced in some form for millennia, we are just beginning to understand these mechanisms from a Western scientific perspective.

Burgeoning research suggests that yoga's ability to regulate the nervous system and possibly affect the way the brain processes information can be one major reason why it’s so effective. Another reason yoga therapy works so well is that it's not a treatment done to a patient, yoga therapists instead empower their clients to tap into their own innate healing capabilities.


Yoga therapy clients essentially heal themselves by learning tools that can be used throughout a lifetime!


How Can I Find a Yoga Therapist?

Yoga therapists practice in hospitals, private clinics of all kinds, and on their own.  

Yoga therapists often bring additional certifications, education, and expertise, and each has a unique approach toward guiding their clients to wellness.  


Visit our directory to learn more about the yoga therapists in your area!!


A person talking with their yoga therapist.
Yoga therapy is a safe way of working with the natural capacity of your
body and mind to optimize well-being.

To explore further, visit the International Association for Yoga Therapists!

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